Athens Greek Restaurant

Athens Greek Restaurant, located off of High Street on town square, strives to give customers an authentic Greek experience despite the fact that it hasn’t been Greek-owned for several years. In the mid-to-late-20th century, when this building was home to the Greek-owned High Restaurant, it was one of several Greek-owned businesses downtown. Most of these families have since relocated, but Athens Restaurant still serves as a meeting point for members of the Greek communities in Columbus and Mansfield.

“As the children of the immigrant families worked hard, they sent their kids to school and, you know, it’s kind of sad but some of these traditions die a little bit, and so that instead of  helping the family business they went on to do their own things, which is great but, you know, those little businesses closed and were replaced.”

–Jeremiah Cline, General Manager 

Photo: Athens Greek creates an authentic Greek experience by playing Greek music, displaying images of Greece on the walls and using recipes from the restaurant’s original Greek owners. Courtesy of Sarah Aguilar 

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