The Alden Family Dairy Farm

The Alden family has operated their Dairy in Danville, Ohio since 1997. Located in the northeastern corner of Knox County, the Dairy is nestled around a small hill with its farmhouse, barn, and large pasture home to at least one of every dairy cow breed. As engaged members of the community, the Aldens often give and receive farm assistance from neighbors. They sell their milk to the nearby Brewster Cheese plant in Stark County, Ohio.

Farming is how I wanted my kids to grow up. I wanted them to grow up with that work ethic, a sense of responsibility- you learn that you can’t always be first.

-Kate Alden

Photo: Pizzaz, a healthy retired Brown Swiss freely roams the Alden’s 25 acres of open pasture. The retired cows live there along with the dry cows (those that are not milking for 60 days or so prior to calving)
Courtesy of Jerry Kean

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