Valley Flooring

In 2003, Harvey Zook and his father founded Valley Flooring, an Amish business tucked away in the farmlands northeast of Bladensburg. Valley Flooring produces high-end hardwood flooring that is primarily sold outside of Knox County. In 2009, Harvey bought the company from his father and in 2014 he left the Amish, subsequently losing all of his employees. He has since hired a new staff but is considering a buyout offer from a larger firm, where he would join the sales team.

The last couple years I’ve been focusing on the business and getting it to where it needs to be. Eventually I want to either build a home or move, and if I do that obviously I’ll have electricity and all the conveniences. But for right now I’m happy.

-Harvey Zook

Photo: Valley Flooring’s office and production facility are both contained in this building, which lies several hundred feet off of Kerr Road. Courtesy Gabe Jimenez-Ekman

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