Knox County Learning Center

The Knox County Learning Center offers an alternative education for students who have been asked to leave their original schools for academic or disciplinary reasons. They take online courses for credit recovery, assisted by advisors and volunteer tutors who provide a place for students who would otherwise likely drop out of school without receiving a high school degree. Not only does The Center provide an education, but it also fosters friendships by creating a supportive environment for students who were lost in their original communities.

One of the students I work with told me that he has made his best friends at the Center because although he really struggled in regular school relating to people, when he came to the Center he was surrounded by students more like himself.

– Carson Weisbord, Kenyon College tutor at the Knox County Learning Center

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Photo: The street view of the Knox County Learning Center, located at 900 West Vine St in Downtown Mount Vernon. Courtesy The Knox County Learning Center’s Google Plus page


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