Knox County Jail

Situated on Upper Gilchrist Road, just off of the commercial strip on Coshocton Avenue, sits the Knox County Jail. The jail was previously located near the Mount Vernon Public Square but was relocated for a variety of reasons, including necessity for space and modern facilities. While the jail may not affect every Knox County resident’s daily life, its programs and practices represent an interest of the greater area in the betterment of its community.

It [the jail] was in a relatively historic space – or place – in relation to the community itself. Only a block off the public square, which is, of course, where most community activities particularly occur… When I think about the jail, I’m usually thinking almost in a historical sense.

– Ric Sheffield, Director of Kenyon College Law and Society program, Professor of Sociology and Legal Studies

Photo: Knox County Jail display case. Framed photo on left is of the old jail. Courtesy Suzy Goldberg

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