Dharma Farm

Dharma Farm, owned by Eric and Kate Helt, is situated east of Kenyon College. The land, farmed chemically for many generations, was reclaimed using organic practices by the couple as they sought to escape city life and corporate America by settling into rural Knox County. The Helts raise sheep, chickens, and goats, as well as harvest solar energy, natural gas, and homemade biodiesel. These sustainable practices and their participation in the Ohio Agricultural Easement program make Dharma Farm an exemplar of sustainable agriculture in Knox County.

Each of us, before we even met each other, wanted a different lifestyle than we had. That’s part of what drew us together. Getting out of the city and getting into the country and the rural lifestyle was part of that. I’d say coming to the farm was partly to realize that goal to consciously change our lifestyle.

– Kate Helt

Photo: Family farming continues to be more than just a business in rural Ohio – a deep rooted appreciation for the land and community promotes a holistic lifestyle. Courtesy Kate Helt

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